Here I share a post from one of my fellow bloggers.  Many Christians think that making money and pursuing wealth isn’t good for the soul.  My friend Jirina has a great point of view on this subject.

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Christians Make Money Online


Many people have their doubts about those that make money online.

We have all heard the late night infomercials about people that make millions online. We have also known that those books only lead to more programs, which is where they really make there money.

How do I know? Because I have fallen prey to them a few times, just ask my wife. In all this, people develop the mindset that any form of making money online is a scam and to be avoided.


This brings the question:

Can Christians Make Money Online

The answer is… yes Christians Make Money Online

and still be honest. Really?

Well, I for one am a Christian that has used the internet to make some money here and there.

I am not claiming to make six figures, but I am working on it.

As a Christian, I do have a belief that I should be honest in all manners of life, including the internet. As a Christian I do live by specific values and i am being ethical about money. So again, to answer your question…

Christians can make money online without lying, cheating, scamming, or stealing. I wouldn’t do it any other way.

This leads the next question you be asking yourself, how can Christians Make Money Online?


The answer is simple; just like a Non Christian can.


The reason people see online marketing as a scams is because someone says they made a million in a month and when others don’t they feel ripped off.


 Remember the saying? Rome wasn’t built in a day

Neither will an online business. Especially if you want to replace your income online. Most of these “overnight” success stories don’t tell you that it took 18 hours a day and lots of trial and error to get to the point of a full-time online income.

Let me say this…you can make money online, but it does not happen easily. Like anything else in life, it takes time. So, don’t quit!

Stay faithful.

The farmer that see’s the harvest worked all season. From preparing the soil, planting the seed, watering, weeding the bad plants, to a harvest; it takes time, work, and not quitting for Christians To Make Money Online.


Blogging is one way and it can lead to so many opportunities and it’s a great start.


Get empowered through blogging. Start today

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You can thank me later

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