Ok, what I’m about to tell you is a story close to my heart.  It will tell you about my rock bottom lows and my ultimate highs in my life. It will show what can be possible if you really put your mind to it.  

“You Will Only Fail… If You Quit”

Though, it really wasn’t an actual cell room, but it sure felt like it.  Let me tell you my story so you’ll understand what I mean:

As many of you know, I’m from Guatemala. Though I was raised in the U.S. (In Las Vegas, NV).

In 1982, we moved back to Guatemala because my father (a violinist) founded a muscial group that would play at special events around Guatemala city including the president’s private events and other elite quinceaneras and weddings.

Fast forward to 1988, my parents seperated and along with the seperation, us kids were affected.  Though I was in my last year of high school, my mother was able to put me through while she would sew pillows and sell them to make ends meet. 

When I was 5 years old I remember watching a Sesame Street episode about Architects and what they did.  I was fascinated with the idea.  I then told my mother that I would be one some day.

After my parents seperated, the only option for me was to go to college at the public university. Which was ok because at the time, it was ranked as one of the top 10 universities in the world for Archjitecture. Fortunately, in Guatemala, the public university was almost free for Guatemalan citizen. All books and other expenses were obviously not included.

In 1989 I started college, but just like many young college students at the age of 18, I just went to mess around and have fun.  Each semester, students had to take on average 5 classes, plus 1 class in Summer and another in winter for a total of 12 classes. By the end of my first year, I had only passed two classes total.

I was disapointed in myself and I decided to move back to the U.S. and try it out.  I spent all 1990 in Las Vegas, NV living with my sisters working at a video store making $5.72 an hour.  I also worked part time selling show tickets at a casino behind a ticket counter.  I also took on a couple classes in college, in particular English 101 and History 101.  Though I failed again and flunked both classes.

By the end of 1990, 2 years had passed since I had graduated from high school.  I wasn’t getting anywhere and my dissapointment in myself was growing every day.

One thing I did dive into faithfully and with much discipline was my martial arts.  By the ago of 20, I had become a black belt in Kung Fu which I had obtained in Guatemala and started at the age of 11.

One day, while training and hitting the punching bag at the YMCA, something came upon me that to this date I can’t explain what it was.  But, the thought I had in my head was:

“Why can’t I be as dedicated to school in the same manner I’m dedicated to my martial arts?”

It was like a ton of bricks that fell on my head at that moment.  I immediately stopped hitting the bag and went back to my sister and told her that I was leaving back to Guatemala to go back to school.

She didn’t believe me at first, because ‘cmon, I was being a flake for the last 2 years.  Why would she believe me, right?

Two days later, I showed her my plane ticket I had purchased one way back to Guatemala and my up hill battle started from there.

In 1991, I was pretty much starting school all over again.  Most of my friends were ahead of me by two years already. But I didn’t care, because I knew what I had to do.

From that point on, I enrolled consistently in the maximum amount of classes allowed, which were as many as 7 classes per semester and 2 per Summer and 2 per Winter.  By the end of 1993, I had caught up with all of my peers.  I finished all of my classes to become an Architect.

During those 3 years, the first year I was living with my brother while he was going to school at the same university to become a dentist.  We were both living in a 9’x9′ room that we rented on the rooftop of an old house.  It seemed like a jail cell I kid you not! The room had a metal door with a tiny window to the outside.  

The bathroom was underneath the stairs where the toilet was literally halfway inside the tiny shower.  There was no sink, so we had to wash our teeth and hands from the laundry faucet in the yard.

The rent was split between my brother and I, but after he left, that’s where it got harder for me to accomplish my goal.  But I didn’t let that lose my focus.   I was then working part time as a draftsmen earning $90.00 a month.  This was barely enough to cover for my rent and if I was lucky, for half of my food for the month which mainly included Ramen Soups.

But, I became a bit creative because I was focused on my end goal, right? Here’s what I did the second half of every month for the next two years.

Below where I lived, there was a single mother with 3 school aged daughters.  She would cook lunch for them every day before they would come home from school.  But before they would come home, she would go out and buy fresh bread or tortillas which was located just around the corner from where we lived.

Me knowing exactly the time she would do that, I would monitor her through my window waiting for her to leave the house to go do her errand at precisely 1:30pm like clockwork.   I knew she would take no less than 7 minutes to come back from  her errand.  Once she left, I would run down the stairs and sneak into her kitchen using the back door.  I would then steal 2/3 spoon full’s of food of whatever she had made.  I would then drink a tall glass of tap water which was my meal for the day.

I’m not telling you that I’m proud of what I did and all the food I stole.  But I had to do what I had to do to get SOME food in my stomach so I can get through my next day of school, right?

I did this consistently for 2 years every single day for the last 2 weeks of every month that I was in college.  That was my only meal for the day, which helped me put myself through college.

You see, I did what I had to do to make my dream a reality. And NO ONE could take that away from me EVER as long as I was focused on my end result.

After I finished school, I got a much better job in Guatemala working for a large interior design firm. My salary had increased from $90 to $900.00 (That was well paid for a 3rd world country).  I then moved into a house and roomate for a while through 1998.

I then decided to move back to the States, sold my car and I had $924.00 left in pocket entering the U.S. border.  I didn’t want to spend all of it, but I knew I needed a computer to create a resume and start applying for my first job in the US, so I decided to learn how to build a computer from scratch.

Fortunately my sister helped me out during that time, so I moved in with her while I got a job, so I didn’t have to worry about rent for a few weeks.

Long story short, it cost me less than $600 to build my first computer.  Within a week I was on the internet and applying for job after job.  I landed my very first job in Northern California making $62,000.00 a year.   This to me was like hitting a jackpot!  All that effort and all the sacrifices had paid off finally!  I knew that what I had accomplished was a direct result of my MASSIVE action.

By 2004, I started my own Architecture firm and landed a few contracts with major cell phone carriers in Las Vegas. I made over $150k my first year. The following year I started investing in real estate.  I purchased and flipped over 35 houses and commercial properties including a gas station, car wash and multiple rental properties in multiple States.  By 2007, I was on top of the world with a net worth of over $2.2 Million.

I was so obsessed with making money, that I totally forgot about the more important things…  FAMILY.  I was working 80, 90, sometimes even 100 hours a week.  By then I was already married and had a 1 year old son which I barely saw.

Then came the 2008 real estate bubble.  We lost EVERYTHING in the process.  It was like a category 5 hurricane went through our finances and completely depleted everything we had.  With over 30 employees and multiple properties, we were back at square 1 like I was back in 1991.  

Everything I had worked for was gone.  We lost our 3,000 square foot home, so we decided to get a fresh start in San Diego, CA where my in-laws lived.  The next 3 years were very hard for us.  We tried to make ends meet renting a small home in San Diego, but still were having difficulty stay at float.  My wife even went back to work part time and still we couldn’t make it work.

We were about to move back to Las Vegas with my mom when my inlaws offered to buy us an RV.  At this point, it was a blessing in disguise.  We accepted the offer from my in-laws and lived there for about a year.  Though it was a good opportunity for us to save some money,

I personally felt defeated and it’s where I felt like I hit rock bottom in my life. I couldn’t understand how I got there in the first place.  After generating such a high net worth in a relatively short period of time, we had lost it all within a few months of the real estate bubble.

Here’s the thing folks. Not many people get a second chance in life. But I did.  I had to make the best of it and I did. I decided to put my pride aside and started applying for any job I could get.  Within a few months I found a job working at a hospital in data entry.  Not a glamourous job by any means, but it was the big step for us to get out of the RV situation.

Fast foward to June 2013.  I got a little too comfortable at my job, but something that happened at work made me think again about the lifestyle I had back in 2007.   Though I thought that if I was going to “go at it again”, I would need to find a way to do it more efficiently with less effort so I could spend more time with my family.

So I started searching for opportunities on line. I found a blogging system that truly intrigued me because I saw how some close friends of mine were making a VERY NICE living with this platform.

A little skeptical, I decided to jump in for only $25.00.  I thought, worse case scenario, if it’s a scam, I’ll lose $25.00.  If it isn’t, then I may have found a gold mine.  So I took the leap of faith.  

One of the many things I was attracted to was that fact that I had the ability to resell the same platform and make 100% commissions.  In other words, if I sold it to somebody else, I could make a recurring $25.00 profit every month.  Pretty cool, eh? 

Not only that, they had other products where I could resell as mine too for 100% commission earning as much as $4,625 on one single sale.

Since I was limited on marketing funds when I started, I had to implement the “poor man’s marketing method” or also known as BLOGGING.  55 days later, after consistently blogging every day I made my first sale through BLOGGING alone.

In my 3rd month I made $200.00 in profit. It wasn’t a big month by any means, but again, but again, I realized there that I had something big in my hands that it was up to me to grow it exponentially. So I remained focused on my end goal.   The following month is where I jumped 20 fold.  I made $3,950.00.  

No need to tell you how November is going to be.  :o)

Did I find the holy grail?  That depends on what you consider a holy grail…  For me is the ability to quit my job in the next few months and travel throughout the world while I blog 1-2 hours a day.  

For you it might be something else.  But if you think you can invest consistently 1-2 hours a day to start a business from home so you can quit your job, then click on the yellow button below and let me show you how I did.

Why did I tell you my story?  I did it so you can see what can be possible.  I did so you can see that if you want something REALLY bad, there is nothing that can intervene to make that happen. I did it once… and I will do it again…

I Obvioulsy know how to make money… I’ve proved it to myself already back in 2007.  That’s not the problem…  

The key component here is that I was able to identify for the second time in my life an opportunity that will give me the wealth that I had once before created for my family and now I will be able to accomplish it again with less time invested.

This is just one story of course… Go ahead and watch the testimonials in this video.   You can also watch this video to see proof of my earnings.  So, I encourage you to become part of this great movement that has allowed thousands of people quit their job.

Keep in mind that their are no guarantees, but if you take action like I did the first time and like I did this second time… You will reach whatever financial goal you want.

Join my team now and let’s lock arms to fight the forces of evil.  You can do it…  I know you can…  Do you know you can?   What’s stopping you?

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