Empower Network – ENV2 Bonus Blog Beast Review with Up To $7,370.00 in Bonuses Including Up To $750.00 CASH

You are here because you are searching for an ENV2 Bonus.  Here I’m going to outline all of the ENV2 bonus tools and features that you will be receiving by becoming part of my team valued as much as $7,370.00.  Below is a snapshot of my earnings for the last 2 weeks just to show you that it’s not hard to make money in this business IF you have the right resources and coaching.

Watch this video below which shows you in detail the ENV2 bonus features you will be getting when joining my team.  I will also outline the bonuses below the video.

ENV2 Bonus Team Tools

  1. Easy Landing Page Pro 1 & 2  – $497 VALUE (FREE for Gold Members)
  2. Easy URL Scrapper $47 VALUE (FREE for Gold Members)
  3. Tracker 123 – URL Tracking System $97 VALUE (FREE for Gold Members)
  4. Social Lead Freak $47-97 VALUE (FREE for Diamond Members)
  5. Weekly Team Google hangouts where we’ll answer any questions and teach other advanced marketing strategies. (FREE for ALL Members)
  6. “30 Days to $10k Program” would regularly sell for $997 (FREE For Platinum Members)
  7. HTA (High Traffic Academy) normally sells for $1,997.  (FREE for Diamond Members)
  8. The Diamond Traffic Vault:  With over 45 Traffic Sources – PRICELESS (FREE for Diamond Members)

EXCLUSIVE Leonel Castro ENV2 Bonus

  1. Access to my personal coop traffic sources. PRICELESS (Available for everyone).
  2. My Personal Rolodex of over 30 Traffic Sources where you will get traffic for as little as 0.005 per click (yes, that’s 1/2 cent per click). PRICELESS Available for everyone
  3. Access to my landing page programmer that provides me with conversions of over 40-60% PRICELESS (Available for everyone)
  4. My Facebook AD course showing step by step how to generate leads for as low as $0.09/lead. A $997 VALUE (For Platinum Members Only)
  5. Get my GIA (Google Image Ads System) where I’ll show you how I’m getting banner clicks for less $0.01 to $0.03 per click! A $797 VALUE (For Platinum Members Only)
  6. Free 1 on 1 coaching call with me via Skype with business plan creation to get you on the fast track to earning $10k in your first 30 days. A $597 VALUE (Available to everyone).
  7. 2 additional free up to 1 hour follow up calls when needed. A $497 VALUE (For Platinum Members Only)
  8. Access to Private Facebook Group with over 17,000 members and growing at a fast rate. PRICELESS (Available for everyone).
  9. $750.00 Cash Back sent to your EWallet within 30 days. (For Diamond Members Only) – Must purchase all products
  10. $300.00 Cash Back sent to your Ewallet within 30 days.  (For Platinum Members Only) – Must purchase up to $15k formula
  11. $125.00 Cash Back sent to your EWallet within 30 days. (For Gold Members) – Must purchase up to Costa Rica Intensive
  12. $50.00 Cash Back sent to your EWallet within 30 days. (For Silver Members) – Must purchase up to Inner Circle.
  13. $25.00 Cash Back sent to your Paypal within 24 hours of signing up for anyone signing up under me.

When you add all of these bonuses, you’ll get as much as $7,370.00 in FREE bonuses including the $750.00 cash back.

Keep in mind that you will be aligning yourself with somebody that has earned as much as $32,000 in a single month within my 10th month in network marketing.  This is my second network marketing business and on my first one back in 2008, I was one of the top income earners for the Spanish Speaking market.

After achieving a $2Million net worth back in 2008, I learned that in order to become successful, you must be around other successful people.  This is your chance to do just that.

If you haven’t signed up to received notification for the early bird list, CLICK HERE.

If you are ready to sign up now under me, the CLICK HERE NOW.

See you on the inside.

ENV2 Bonus - Leonel Castro
~Leonel Castro

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