How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing – The Cheap and Easy Way.

How to make money with affiliate marketing

How to make money with affiliate marketing

I’m not going to pretend that I know everything there is to know about affiliate marketing.  However, one thing I can tell you is that I’m making money with it.  So if you are searching for ways on how to make money with affiliate marketing, you came to the right place because I will show you exactly what you need to do to generate leads and ultimately make sales with your affiliate marketing business.

So, first thing’s first.  You need to watch this video which shows you exactly how I’m able to generate dozens of leads every single day and how I’m paying less than $0.09 per lead. The strategies you will see are proven techniques as you will see the proof in this video.

Here’s another short video I shot yesterday which explains how you can make money with CPA offers.

CPA (Cost per action/acquisition) offers can be very lucrative.  Allow me to explain how they work.

One of my favorite sites that offer CPA offers is ClickSure.  They are an affiliate marketing company where you can sell your own products and have others promote them as an affiliate or you can be an affiliate and sell other peoples’ products for a commission.

In addition to selling the products, many offers have the option to pay you “per lead”.  So if you send traffic to a certain offer and that traffic ends up requesting for additional information, then that is called “an action or acquisition”, which you will be paid for every time someone fills out their form.

Let me show you a real life example.  Here’s a link to a product that is offered on ClickSure.  If you were to fill out the form on that site to request for additional information, then I would get paid $2.50 each time somebody fills out that form.

Now, $2.50 may not sound like much, but let’s do the math here.  If you apply the strategies that I show in this video here and were getting leads for less than say $0.50 each (Once you get better at it, you can get leads for much cheaper than that!), you would be making $2.00 profit for each lead you generate for the CPA offer. That’s a 500% rate of return!  It costs you $0.50 to generate the lead and you make $2.50 profit.  Do you see the power of affiliate marketing here?

So let’s say that after testing the waters with $5.00 – $10.00 with Facebook Ads and find the right ad to place, you can then ramp it up and invest say $1,000.00 in Facebook ads which will generate roughly $5,000.00 in revenues ($4,000.00 in profit).  You simply do this once a week and you’ll be making multiple 6 figures in no time!

Make Money With Your Blog

Make Money With Your Blog

So really the question on how to make money with affiliate marketing is not really “how” to do it, but more like “who” can teach you the ropes…

Here’s a video that shows exactly how I’m able to generate an income with this blog as an affiliate marketer.   Please post your comments or questions below.  I look forward to helping you with your online business.

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Until my next post.  Bye for now.

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