What Is The Number One Fear?

Did you know that the number one fear is speaking in public? In other words, people actually fear more to speak in front of a group of people than they have a fear to die?  So the next time somebody tells you that they are scared to death to speak in front of people, they are actually telling you the truth.

It’s amazing what fears we have, and in the video below it will show you actual statistics on the low chances we have of dying from any one of these feared thoughts that people have.  So next time you think about the number one fear people have, think about what you will be able to accomplish if you overcome it.

Jerry Seinfeld once said…

If the number one fear is speaking in public and the #2 fear is death, then the person reading the eulogy at a funeral is better off being in the casket than he is reading the eulogy.

Anyhow, here’s a video I found that shows many of the fears we have in our lives. It doesn’t really show what the number one fear is, but you already know it is speaking in public.  For the reast, let’s be brave and lets not worry about things that we have little chance of dying.

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