I want to share this inspiring video from a young kid named Jesse. He’s the son of one of our affiliates who has struggled over the years and has seen and been through some serious tough times.  Though just like many, he could have made any excuse not to show up at one of our events, to not stay hungry and to let his past keep him down… he’s not.

Don’t forget, your past is not your liability.  It is in fact your greatest asset.  It’s what makes you today who you are.  Whatever challenges you’ve had in the past will be overcome by the experiences you have today and the insights you get.  Not to mention that the mistakes you’ve made in the past will give you humility to ask for help when you need it the most and the drive to stay hungry for more knowledge.

Sometimes we let our past keep us from moving forward and stepping into our power.  Don’t let that happen to you…  EVER.

Press play and enjoy…

In the comments below, share WHY you refuse to give up, too. Maybe someone is counting on you. Maybe you’re counting on yourself, and refuse to let yourself down. Whatever it is – please, if you will – share with us why you choose to be strong everyday and not give up.

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