I’m going to tell you about how I was able to increase a midwifery’s business to over 39% in less than 3 months and how you can do the same for your business starting today.

As you know, nowadays businesses are cutting down on every expense they can think of.  However, the one thing they should not cut down on and where they are cutting down the most is their marketing budget!

No marketing = no leads = no prospects = no sales

Businesses that usually take this bold move, don’t understand marketing 101.  The average company should invest no less than 5% of their gross income.  Ideally it should be around 10-15%.

When I spoke to an OBGYN/Midwife practice about their marketing efforts about a year ago, it was clear to me that they were not implementing any sort of on line marketing.  All they were reliant on was “word of mouth”.

Word of mouth can be very powerful, but in order to see real results, it can take many months or even possibly years depending on the type of business.

The midwifery practice would charge on average $4,100.00 per patient for a homebirth.  The fee includes pre/post-partum care.

The midwifery practice was attending to 3-4 homebirths a month before I came into the picture.  They had a total of 3 midwives working at the practice.  When you figure out all of the expenses and costs involved, the practice wasn’t left with much money.

After doing my own research and determining the kind of traffic that could be generated for their business, I figured out that I could at least increase their business by 20% (it was more like 40%, but I like to under promise and over deliver), going from an average 3-4 per month to 5 or as many as 6 patients per month was feasible.  I also said that I would do it if she paid me $500.00 per client (Roughly 12% of her gross fees per client).

When I told this to the midwife, she chuckled.  She didn’t believe I could do it.  I was so sure that I could accomplish such increase to her business, that I wanted to put my money where my mouth was.  I proposed to do the job with no up front cost to her and be paid on performance only.   She agreed because she literally had ZERO risk and nothing to lose.

So we signed contract that same afternoon and I started working on her campaign. Within a few short weeks, she started getting phone calls and email leads.  She would be in charge of telling me which ones converted into clients. The plan worked well and within 3 months, she had so much business that she had to hire another midwife and a personal assistant to help her with the continued flow of business.

But you know how she found me in the first place?  Through my blog.  You see, blogging is such a powerful marketing tool that most businesses haven’t embraced yet.  With a blog I’m able to post about different topics, case studies and stories.  People who search for those particular keywords on Google, Yahoo and Bing will find me on the first page of all major search engines under a low competition, high traffic keyword.  

I don’t even have to compete against other marketers because I go the easy route. I have dozens of blog posts working for me ranked for different keywords as opposed to my competition struggling to get first page ranking within their niche.

With a blog, I’m not limited to just one website to drive traffic to my business.  With a blog I can drive traffic from different sources and redirect them to my main website or blog which in turn will offer them to assist them with their own marketing needs.

It’s like having hundreds of websites out there working for me at the same time as opposed to just having one.

Additionally, with a blog I can communicate and connect with my readers providing them with valuable information and hear about their comments, suggestions and concerns. Information that they can take and run with so they can do it themselves.  

Of course a percentage of them will realize they don’t have the time to do it themselves and will proceed to hire me for my services. :o)

If you have been struggling with growing your business or to generate more leads for it, then I’m going to show you an easy and cost effective way to generate leads in the same way I generated leads for the midwifery practice and for myself.

Now, for those of you that don’t have a business yet, you are going to want to watch this video as well because I’m going to provide you with a solid business model that can help you start a home business today and generate a full time income within 30-90 days.

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Until my next post, bye for now.

~Leonel Castro

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