I’ve had this discussion with my wife a few times in the past.
But I’d like to get your feedback on this ’cause as you can
imagine, I think I’m right.  :o)  But sometimes we can be wrong
without having a clue of what’s right or wrong.  Which is why
I wanted to ask your opinion to see if I’m doing the right 
thing or not.

You see, I’ve been playing chess with my 7 year old son 
since he was 5.  I taught him all the basic moves and rules.
We like to play a lot because it’s a good bonding time
for the both of us, plus we enjoy each other’s company.

To this date, he hasn’t beaten me yet.  However, I have
to admit that he’s getting better and better every time.

My wife has suggested for me to let him win, but I disagree
with her because I feel that he wouldn’t learn from that 
kind of win.

Here’s my theory behind this and why I haven’t let him win:

Every time I beat him at a game of chess,  I feel like he learns
from his mistakes in addition to learning from my victories.
I don’t believe that he will learn anything if I would allow him
to win.

You see, the average chess player can only plan on average
3-4 moves ahead.  But I have seen that my son is able to see
what I am up to now as opposed to how we use to play a year
ago.  He now seems to pay more attention to his king as 
opposed to just going after my king.

In your opinion, and I ask you to tell me honestly.  Do you
think that I should let him win some games?  Would that help
his self esteem in any way and become a better chess player?

Or am I going the correct route by not letting him win so he
can learn from his mistakes?

Please comment below. I will be greatly appreciated with your
feedback.  :o)


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