Internet Money-Making Ideas – Two Business Models That Work And That You Can Start Making Money Today

Internet Money-Making Ideas

Internet Money-Making Ideas

Here I’m going to share a couple of internet money-making ideas that I have started and am currently having success with.  These same ideas can pretty much be applied to hundreds of different niches.  It’s just a matter of taking action on your side.

It is very important to understand that in order to be successful with these internet money-making ideas, you must understand that it takes time and effort just like any other business.  The difference is that these ideas you can do it from the comfort of your own home in your pajamas!  However, I’m sure that you are mature enough to understand that you can’t just push a few buttons on your computer expecting to become rich overnight.  Just like any business, if you are consistent and persistent, then you will be successful.

Before you start any business, you must do your own due diligence and understand the market very well before you decide to invest any money.  These business ideas that I’m going to share with you does not require much investment, however if you do have some extra cash, it would help to jumpstart your business faster.

Internet Money-Making Ideas – Business Model #1

Here’s one that I started about a year ago.  I created a few websites within micro-niches and ranked them very easily on the first page of Yahoo and Bing.  Google took a little more time to rank, but eventually caught up.  The idea is to find a small niche or “micro-niche” where there is hardly any competition, but where the customer value is high.  An example is midwife services. Below are a couple of snapshots of my results and what I sent to the midwives.

Internet Money-Making Ideas

Internet Money-Making Ideas


Here’s another snapshot from Yellow Pages.

Internet Money-Making Ideas

Internet Money-Making Ideas


After taking these screen snapshots of my results I gathered around 20 emails taken from pages 2-3 of Google.  I then sent out an email blast to all 20 midwives basically telling them that I have a website that is ALREADY ranked on the first page of Yahoo and Bing and that I am generating traffic/leads to that site.  That I will be sending that same email to 19 other midwives and that I will only be working with one midwife in the city where it was ranked. I then provide them with my contact information and send it off.

I did this the first time and I sent the email at around 10:30pm.  By the next morning, I turned on my computer and I had 4 replies.   Since I instructed in the email that it was on a “first come first serve” basis, I proceeded to contact the first midwife and explained how we would structure the services.  If the first didn’t like my terms, then I would go to the next and so on…

How Much Should You Charge?

Internet Money-Making Ideas

Internet Money-Making Ideas

When I talk to the midwife, I do a brief interview about her practice. I ask how much does she charge per client.  While she’s telling me this, I grab my calculator and figure what is 12% of that amount.   So if the midwife charges $4,000.00, then my goal fee would be $480.00 per converted client.

Another VERY important question to ask is based on their previous experience, how many leads do they have to get on average in order to get one client.

Now, when I first started doing this, I was having to rely on the midwife telling me the truth at the end of each month of how many leads converted into clients.  There was a good chance the first midwife cheated me, so I had to restructure it different.

I then offered a flat fee discounted trial at around $300 for one month only. The way I would figure this out is I use Google Adwords Keyword Tool which would tell me how much traffic I would get for specific keywords.   Once I know all the data, I can then determine an average amount of leads that I will be able to deliver to my client.

In my case, I figured that the $300.00 was enough to cover my expenses for Pay Per Click using Google Adwords and it was based on my previous experience.

When you are first start, you may have to put up some money out of your pocket because if you sign a 30 day trial contract, Google Adwords will charge you for the PPC campaign you created at the end of the first 30 days.  Depending on how you structured the contract with your first client, you may have to pay Google Adwords out of pocket until you get paid from your client.

After this, then you can negotiate the new contract to be paid either “per lead” or “per month” based on a minimum amount of leads to be delivered.

Once you have mastered one city, you then rinse and repeat the whole process all across the country or even the world.   If one client is generating say $1,500.00 a month in revenues, then all you need are 6 clients in order to make a 6 figure income.

Internet Money-Making Ideas – Business Model #2

Internet Money-Making Ideas

Internet Money-Making Ideas

For this one, it’s really easy to explain.  You are looking at it right now.  Notice through my blog posts that I have now over 60 posts and counting.  I basically blog every day, 5 days a week without fail and I only started less than 3 months ago.  I am now generating anywhere between 3-25 leads a day.  Blogs like this one can generate a very nice income if you are consistent of course.  The key is to place your blog on a popular blogging system.

Empower Network is a blogging system and is ranked in the top 500 most popular websites in the world and top 200 in the U.S. alone.  More popular than Nike, Costco and Gap combined.  So for me, it’s a no brainer to have a blog that can rank my posts quickly and generate more and more leads for my business over time… And this is all done with less than 2 hours of work a day.

Watch this video which shows EXACTLY how this is done and you decide for yourself if this isn’t a great business model.

If you liked this post on internet money-making ideas, then please share with others. Please comment or ask any questions below. I will be more than happy to answer them all.

Until my  next post, bye for now.

Leonel Castro

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