WAHM Jobs – The Benefits

WAHM Jobs (work at home mom jobs) are becoming more popular around the world.  But it doesn’t specifically relate to having to work for a company at all.  It can also mean a mom having her own business from home.  WAHM Jobs are increasing due to the fact that moms want to have a bigger part in raising their children as opposed to having some stranger or mother-in-law raising our children (no offense to mine, I love her!).

There are many perks from being a stay at home mom.  From having more time



flexibility to more time for yourself when kids are at school or even having the time to homeschool your children like we do.  For moms that still have infants or toddlers, it is simply second nature to want to stay home with your kids as opposed to go sit behind that boring desk at work and make somebody else rich for that matter.

WAHM Jobs can be found all over the internet, but the fact of the matter is today there are so many scam artists out there that they just want to try to take advantage of naive people and take their money.  What happened with helping one another? The internet lends to hiding behind a computer screen and hackers taking our credit card numbers left and right.

When it comes to shopping, the best thing to do is to shop at reputable places and/or make sure that when you enter your credit card information, that the URL has “https” as opposed to just “http”.   The “s” stands for security and your credit will be encrypted as high as 256 bit. A hacker can’t have these types of sites, so keep your eye opened for that.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to get off topic here, but your security is important before you go on to work with somebody else and provide your personal information.

WAHM Jobs – Which One To Choose.

Let me show you a very powerful way to work from home that has the potential to earn more than a full time income with less than 1-2 hours a day.  The best part is that I have the proof to show you. Do I have your attention?

If you follow my blog, you know that my wife is a stay at home mom. She has her own business where she works maybe a total of 10 hours a month (that’s not a typo, I did mean a month).  We homeschool our children and because she’s a stay at home mom, she has the time to homeschool our kids.  In my case, I work on this blog from home around 1-2 hours a day.  We are currently planning to move to Spain next year (Andalucia Region) and we could only do this with a work from home business.

My Family

My Family

Now, on a future post, I will be sharing all of the logistics behind moving to Spain with three children in case you are interested.  We plan to do this mid next year and at that time, my three boys will have the ages of 8yrs, 5yrs and 1yr old respectively.  My wife and I will have two separate blogs which will be filled with information on our daily family lives (that would be my wife’s blog) and how you can accomplish the same thing for yourself financially (that will be this blog).

Now, think about this for a moment.  Have you thought about how you found this article/blog post?  You may have found this blog either through a Google Search, Digg, Facebook, Twitter or any other way online. The title must have been appealing to you which is what made you click on the link in the first place.  You then started reading and now half way through this post, you feel like you know a little bit about me and my family including pictures of them.  We now have some sort of connection.  Make sense?

How much did it cost me to get you here? You guessed it.  Zero, nada, zilch.  It’s all free traffic to me and because of that traffic, I have an income.



You see what just happened? My blog is now providing you with a vision of what you could be doing to make money from the comfort of your own home.  That’s right, this blog like thousands of others around the world are producing full time incomes for families so they can have the lifestyle of their dreams.

I am part of a blogging system that has over 130,000 users around the world creating blogs about topics on whatever they are passionate about.  Our blogging system is in the top 500 in the world and top 270 websites in the USA.  More popular and more visitors than Nike, Amway and McDonald’s combined!  Because of the popularity, my blog posts rank much easier and faster, which in turn creates more traffic, hence more money for my pocket.

Below are the Alexa rankings for Amway, McDonald’s Nike and Empower Network respectively so you can see for yourself.

WAHM Jobs Comparison

WAHM Jobs Comparison


McDonald's Alexa Ranking

McDonald’s Alexa Ranking

Nike Alexa Ranking

Nike Alexa Ranking

WAHM Jobs - Blog

WAHM Jobs – Blog

The 130,000+ users/bloggers don’t compete with one another because we all write about different topics.  The people that come to my blog feel in some way connected and identify themselves with me and my family.  I personally love to help people realize their dreams and I am passionate about what I do.  On the other hand, by helping others achieve their goals, I get rewarded for doing so.

So you are probably wondering what does something like this cost?  Well, let me tell you this.  It’s less than what you would spend on a dinner at a mediocre restaurant for a dinner for two.  It’s $25.00 to start and the potential is HUGE.  Want to see some proof?  Check out this video and see for yourself.

So you see, WAHM Jobs can be anything you want.  In my case, I’m a dad, but thanks to this blog, I will be travelling through Europe for a year or more.  Who knows, maybe we’ll love it there and stay there for ever.  The advantage is that having a blog like this and only working 1-2 hours a day can allow me to spend more time with my family and enjoy life like it was meant to be.  So, care to join me?

Here’s the link to the video again.

I hope you like this post on WAHM Jobs.  Please comment below.

Until my next post.  Bye for now.

Leonel Castro

~Leonel Castro

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