Those days are gone when you were able to simply stuff a bunch of keywords hidden in the background of your website and it would rise to the top of the first page of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The reality is that technology is advancing faster than we can keep up with it.  Search engines are much smarter and are able to even determine when we are spinning an article or applying black hat techniques to increase our ranking. I’ve created this step by step formula on how to improve page rank for my own blogs and it has worked very well for me.

Below is a snapshot proof of my wife’s blog that it works. It has allowed her to be a stay at home mom which is a blessing for our family and I am proud to say that because of our blogs, my three sons have never seen the inside of a day care or the face of a babysitter.

How to improve page rank

How To Improve Page Rank

Here’s my other website on personal development.  It’s currently ranked at #5 and it generated over 3,000 unique visitors last month.

How To Improve Page Rank

How To Improve Page Rank

Here’s a snapshot of the amount of unique visitors I received from my personal development business blog which also proves my method on how to improve page rank works:

Personal Development Business Blog Traffic

Personal Development Business Blog Traffic

Page ranking is what Google uses to show how much authority and credibility a website has over the rest.  It is scored on a scale of 0-9 and it can take years to even get to PR 4 or 5. However, a one-point increase in your PR score can mean a drastic increase in traffic to your site.  So it is very important to play by Google’s rules and eventually be able to monetize your website for the long term.

Here are the exact steps I take after I complete each blog post.  It takes me less than 5 minutes to complete and in addition to giving my blog more exposure, it creates backlinks to my blog which is also known as “link juice” in the SEO world.  Keep in mind that being consistent is the secret to my success. So if you follow these steps exactly as I will outline below, you can be sure you will eventually see better results and more exposure.

How To Improve Page Rank Step by Step Formula

Step by step process

  1. Use Pingler to let Google know that your website is now online.  Pingler basically uses an automated system that allows you to submit your URL and it will “ping” your website over to Googles main blogs and bots.
  2. Use Social Media Monkee.  There’s a one time $7.00 cost for this and it will create 25 backlinks for every blog post you submit.  You can create a total of 750 backlinks a month with this system and there are no monthly fees.
  3. Submit your blog post to Linkedin
  4. Submit to Stumbleupon
  5. Submit your post to Google+
  6. Submit your post to Pinterest
  7. Submit your post to Facebook

Of course, this is the basic method that I use, however in our advanced training, we show you how to do this 90% on autopilot in addition to adding more backlinks to your blog on a daily basis.

By following the above steps on how to improve page rank, you will not only see increased traffic over time, but additionally you PR score will increase as well.

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