How To Save Money On Diapers – How I have Saved Thousands of Dollars and counting…

This post will be one of many that I will be posting about how to save money every month. This one in particular talks about how to save money on diapers.

How to save money on diapers

Cloth Diapers Are Expensive

My wife approached me with this idea on how to save money on diapers before we had our first child.  She had come across this concept from one of her friends that was already doing it and was saving a ton of money on diapers and wipes.  It’s a really cool concept that has been going on for hundreds of years really.

When my wife came to me with the idea, she immediately put a smile on my face because she asked me: “What if I showed you how to save money on diapers and that I told you that we didn’t have to buy disposable diapers every month for any of our children EVER?”.  I have to admit, she had my attention immediately.  Since I’m the bread winner, the idea of saving money was very appealing to me.  So I said “Tell me more”, and she said:  ”Let’s do cloth diapering”.

To be honest, at that moment, I cringed.  The idea of having to deal with poopy diapers wasn’t appealing to me.  But my wife knows me well and she first approached me with the idea on “saving money”, VERY CLEVER.   So then I started asking the right questions. I basically wanted to find out how many diapers on average do babies use and for how long.

How To Save Money On Diapers – My Research

I found out that babies go through 8-12 diapers a day on average.  Once they get older, that number goes down.  I then went online and found out how much will we be paying every month on diapers and wipes.  It came out to around $80 a month.  The average child wears diapers for around 2.5 years.   So $80 x 30 months comes out to $2,400.00.

Save money on diapers

They come in all sorts of designs

So then I asked her “What kind of cloth diapers are we talking about?”  ”Is it those where we have a service and they come and pick up the dirty ones and drop off clean ones?”.  She said “No, it’s actual diapers that you buy with cute patterns and you reuse them over and over again.   So I said: “Gross!”  ”We are going to have to deal with poop and all that yucky stuff then?!”.  She said, “yes and no”.

I asked: “how much do these diapers cost?” She said: “Around $20 each”.   I’m like: “WHOA, That is expensive!”. “So, how many would we need?” I asked.   She said “To start we could go with 24 diapers. Ideally it should be around 36 diapers, plus we need to buy a diaper sprayer which is attached to the toilet so we can wash off the poopy easily”.  So that meant that we needed to invest at least $500.00 (including the diaper sprayer) to start and an additional $240.00 down the road for a total of $740.00.  This would save us roughly $1,660.00 in disposable diapers.

She then said that if we washed them properly, that the diapers would last pretty much for ever and that we can use the same ones for all of our kids.

So Really, How Much Money Did This Save Me?

How to save money on diapers

How To Save Money On Diapers

Fast forward 7 years later.  We just had our third son.  He’s 6 weeks old now and he is using the same cloth diapers that we originally bought for my first son.  How much have we saved so far?  A whopping $6,460.00.

Oh, and I almost forgot, in addition to the savings on diapers, we use little tiny towels instead of wipes.  That’s another savings of around $10.00 a month which adds to another $300.00 total in savings bringing now the total to $6,760.00.

Now, I don’t know about you, but $6,760.00 to me is a lot of money.  It’s the equivalent of 2 x 1 week long trip vacations with the whole family to Hawaii.  It’s the equivalent of many mortgage payments.  And not to mention the zero impact you will have on the environment by not dumping tons of waste… Not cool!

So if you are like me and are all for saving the planet and for saving a ton of money, then I encourage you to research this more.  If you liked this post on how to save money on diapers, then please share with your friends.  I believe in spreading the word so that we can all do our part to make this planet better and of course, saving money is always a plus!

I did my part of sharing how to save money on diapers with you, now it’s your turn.  ;o)


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